Wet Spinning Technology

Industrial Wet Spinning Lines for Textile PAN fiber

With a portfolio of more than a 100 spinning Lines operating all around the world, MAE is arguably the fields leading Company. Our design experience is available for all the most popular solvents, like DMAc, DMSO, NaSCN and DMF.

PAN Precursor Wet Spinning and Air-gap (Dry-jet) Wet Spinning

Lines for PAN CF Precursor (protofilament) fibers. More than 15 PAN Precursor Fiber Spinning Lines engineered and manufactured by MAE are today operating worldwide, making MAE is the market leader in this field.

Spinning Lines for Artificial Fibers

The original Design was based on the SNIA Process and Technology, consistent innovation drove the company into manufacturing lines and complete plants for the production of:

  • Rayon Continuous Filament
  • Viscose Staple
  • Viscose Tow
  • High Tenacity Yarns based on a new hi-tech Cellulosephosphate process

Special Equipment for Wet / Gel spinning

Dope Filters

Dry-jet Wet Spinning Coagulation Baths

Gel Spinning Units

Air-gap Wet Spinning Coagulation Baths

Wet Spinning Coagulation Baths

Draw Roll Stands with Wet Rolls

Post-coagulation & Pre-stretch Baths

Immersion Washing Baths

Splash Washing Units

Finish Application Devices

Fiber Washing Devices

Tow Deviation Units

Water / Steam / Thermal Oil Heated Hot Rolls

Atmospheric Steaming

Induction Heated Hot Rolls / Collapse Roll

Atmospheric Superheated Steaming Units

Finishing Baths

Dancer Rolls

Kiss Rolls

Tension Rolls

Patented Pressurized Steam Stretch Units for PAN Precursor


Single Pipes Steam Stretch Units for PAN Precursor



Can Conveying Systems