Chemical Fibers Machinery Producer since 1968

MAE’s history starts in the latest sixties when MAE was producing mainly machinery and parts for the major Italian Man-Made fibers producers like Montefibre, SNIA or ENI.                                

In the following decades MAE progressively increased its experience starting from simple parts expanding to more complex assemblies like complete units, entire lines and complete plants. Consequently our design competences grew and today MAE can be a strong partner for any fiber producer willing to outsource the development of important portions of their facilities.

Carbon Fiber PAN Precursor has now become the core business of MAE. We design and realize complete plants for PAN Precursor with small production capacity (Lab Scale), medium capacity (Pilot Scale or Small Industrial Scale), and large capacity (Industrial Scale).

MAE Specializations

Our specialization covers: Polymerization lines with different solvent technologies, wet or dry-jet Spinning lines and also some key equipment of the Carbonization line like: Fiber Tensioning System, Surface Treatment, Sizing, Non-contact or Contact Dryers.

Furthermore, some specific MAE’s products like the SDC Jumbo Crimpers for cotton type PET, spunbonding plants for 100% recycled PET are considered today as the state-of-the art benchmark in their field.

In MAE facilities there are also available a Material/Textile laboratory, Pilot Spinning Lines and a Rapid Prototyping Unit for Client trials, product development, testing and investigations.


MAE is a Machinery Manufacturer Company with Engineering Capabilities specialized in manufacturing of units and complete lines for Monomer and Polymer processing in the form of fibers or foams.

Our capabilities are extended from process design to the assembly, installation and testing of complete production lines and plants.

MAE S.p.A. Workshop

Engineering, manufacturing and plant assembly in the 4,000 m2 Fiorenzuola shop. Over 40 employees, including 25 design engineers.

Research & Development center

Subsidiary for mechanical design of innovative equipment.No. 7 PTC Creo Direct 3D CAD workstations + SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) unit in its facility in Piacenza + Laboratory for testing PAN Precursor Fiber properties.

MAE S.p.A. Headquarter

Subsidiary for mechanical design of standard equipment and piping No. 9 PTC Creo Direct 3D CAD workstations in its Piacenza design facility.

MAE (Shanghai) Machinery Co. Ltd.

Wholly owned subsidiary in China for parts assembly and after-sale assistance in the Far East market.

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